All the products that we manufacture are quality certified, reliable and world class.

In addition to our main product Sodium Azide, our product portfolio includes Tetrazoles, Cesium salts (Carbonates, Nitrates, Iodides etc), Nipecotates, Picolinates and many other specialty fine chemicals as follows:

Products of regular manufacture:

1. Sodium Azide
2. 5-Amino Tetrazole
3. Cesium Sulfate (50% Sol)
4. Cesium Chloride (50% Sol)
5. Cesium Carbonate (50% Sol. and Solid)
6. Cesium Hydroxide (50% and 55% Sol.)
7. Cesium Bromide
8. Cesium Iodide
9. Cesium Nitrate
10. Cesium Formate (50% Sol)
11. Cesium Fluoride

Products of campaign manufacture:
(Manufactured against order. Lead time required)

1. Methyl Nipecotate
2. Ethyl Nipecotate
3. Ethyl Isonipecotate
4. Nipecotic Acid
5. Zinc Picolinate
6. Chromium Picolinate
7. 4 – Cyanopyridine – N – Oxide

We also undertake custom synthesis and contract manufacturing of new intermediates as per our customer specifications

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